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Rhoda Design Group

The RDG Ageless Essential Skincare Kit

The RDG Ageless Essential Skincare Kit

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Rhoda Design Group skincare is a blend of botanicals and science that gently nourishes, balances, and protects the skin for a radiant glow. Our skincare’s effectiveness is achieved when our products are used as a daily regimen as they work synergistically along with a wellness-based lifestyle. 

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We recommend using our products exclusively, as irritation can happen by mixing different brands which also reduces their effectiveness. Implementing daily wellness practices of optimal nutrition and hydration, exercise, rest and work-life balance ensures optimal results and sustainability of healthy and beautiful skin. 


The RDG Ageless Essential Skincare Kit is a savings of $25 from individual skincare product purchases. For each product's ingredients and directions for use visit each product page. This information is included in the RDG skincare kit. It contains:

Gentle Herbal Cleanser: removes eye/face makeup, hydrates, and combats aging 

Gentle Glycolic Cleanser: exfoliates, brightens. and reduces wrinkles

Hydrating Toner: restores ph balance to soften and soothe

Peptide Complex Serum:  deeply hydrates, regenerates, and firms

Eye Rescue: reduces puffiness and dark circles and firms

Peptide Complex Cream: hydrates, firms, and protects against free radicals

Retinol Renewal Serum: heals discoloration, minimizes wrinkles, and brightens

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