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Whether you are networking, giving a high level presentation, coaching a client, the keynote speaker at a conference, or posting headshots on social media, a polished professional image has more impact.

In this Denver Startup Week presentation, I highlight what your professional image conveys to your potential clients and lead partners as well as the benefits of showing up aligned to your brand message.

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In this interview, we discuss the Imposter Syndrome as It Relates to Personal Branding

You'll learn...

...What message your personal brand is communicating to a potential client about your skillset, trustworthiness, and whether or not you can deliver what you promise.

...what causes women over 40 to struggle with their personal brand...and how to stay relevant amongst constant change to “take care” of your personal brand so you can continue to generate revenue over the long haul (without burning out).

…and what you must know before incorporating the latest fashion and beauty trends

Join the interview:


Featured Speaker at Second Act Women Conference
Rhoda Johnson is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Platform Magazine which has global distribution digitally and in print