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In my 35 plus years in the beauty and fashion industries, I've discovered a powerful truth: embracing appropriate makeup in professional settings can boost women's earnings by up to 20%, contributing to closing the wage gap for minority women. This inspired my mission to empower professional women through a full-service Image Consulting Boutique and innovative Makeup Wardrobe Kits, trademarked for their unique ability to cater to career women.

Designed specifically for busy professional women, these kits harmonize with all skin tones, offering tailored options for business casual, suits, and evening galas in a convenient TSA approved package. By aligning makeup styles with your message, you are empowered with increased  confidence and establish a credible professional presence. As Dr. Albert Mehrabian noted, "93% of all communication is nonverbal."

Elevate your presence with Rhoda Design Group makeup kits. Here are three clients showcasing the cool, neutral, and warm palettes, paired with our stunning necklaces.

Cool Makeup Kit

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Neutral Makeup Kit

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Warm Makeup Kit

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Check out our tutorial videos to discover time efficient makeup techniques for various business settings.

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The Rhoda Design Group Trademarked makeup kits were designed by Rhoda Johnson, Hollywood Trained Image Brand Strategist, and Makeup Artist with 40 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries. She is passionate about supporting professional business women to elevate their business presence.