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The American Economic Review reports "Professional women who wear appropriate makeup for business earn 20-30% more." 

My career clients inspired the creation of the Rhoda Design Group Botanical Makeup Kits, Trademarked for their uniqueness. These contain 30 full-size mineral based products that are color-coordinated to accommodate you from business casual to high-level presentations in a convenient TSA approved package with time saving techniques. These are a limited edition. 
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In this brief tutorial you will discover techniques for your high level presentations
Check out our tutorial videos to discover time efficient makeup techniques for various business settings.


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 "Rhoda's expertise in image and beauty consulting has really helped me to increase my confidence and as a result my professional success."                  Karen Albert, Founder/Social Media Strategist Behind Your Curtain

The Rhoda Design Group Trademarked makeup kits were designed by Rhoda Johnson, Hollywood Trained Image Brand Strategist, and Makeup Artist with 40 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries. She is passionate about supporting professional business women to elevate their business presence.