Make-Up Wardrobe Kits

Color is a tool that helps us nonverbally communicate and connect with others. When we wear color aligned with our skin tone it makes us feel energized and look vibrant and approachable. 


Makeup is a color tool that accentuates the positive while diminishing the negative. Understated makeup in colors that harmonize with the skin results in a look that is refined and makes you feel confident and authentic. Applying makeup engages our creativity and feeds our souls with lightness, I call this living "the art of beauty".

If you are making a career change or elevating your personal brand, we invite you to discover your best colors in wardrobe and makeup with application techniques that make up feel like you are living the art of beauty

Our career clients inspired the creation of the Rhoda Design Group Makeup Wardrobe Kits to accommodate their wardrobes, lifestyle, and busy schedules. Our makeup kits are available in warm, cool, and neutral palettes to harmonize with these skin tones for understated makeup looks.

Each makeup kit contains 30 full-size products that are mineral-based and color-coordinated and includes a tutorial card to guide you into the best makeup practices for business and lifestyle settings. The Rhoda Design Group Makeup Wardrobe Kits are conveniently packaged and TSA-approved for your travel convenience. These makeup kits are trademarked for their uniqueness and are limited edition. 

Not sure which Makeup Kit is right for you?                       

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"OMGoodness! The Rhoda Design Group Makeup Kit has been a lifesaver in so many ways. Simple. Perfect pallet for work. It is The Best!"

- Nichelle R. Downing, MS, IT Project, CISA, IC# 1st Degree System Security Officer, Leader, Travel Advisor