Makeup Kits

Did you know that women who wear appropriate makeup for business settings earn up to 20% more? 

Elevate your personal brand and style with makeup that speaks volumes. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of choosing the right colors for your skintone.

Inspired by the challenge of finding suitable makeup for diverse CEOs and corporate clients, we lovingly created versatile makeup wardrobe kits for every occasion—from casual to gala.

Our trademarked kits feature color-coordinated palettes for all skin tones, making it easy for you to create polished and beautiful makeup styles effortlessly. And with TSA-approved packaging, they are perfect for travel, ensuring you look your best wherever you go.

Imagine the confidence and competence our makeup solutions can bring to your beauty routine. Your signature makeup style can elevate your professional image, reflecting your values, personality, and goals.

It completes your wardrobe, conveying professionalism and authority while enhancing your credibility and confidence.

Warm Makeup Kit

The Warm Makeup Wardrobe Kit is best suited for a "peach radiant" to "golden exotic" undertone. They both look vibrant in bright warm colors to deep earth tones.

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Neutral Makeup Kit

The Neutral Makeup Wardrobe Kit is best suited for a "beige sophisticated" to a "brown reserved" (no obvious yellow or red) undertone. 

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Cool Makeup Kit

The Cool Makeup Wardrobe Kit is best suited for a "pink" delicate, olive to a striking "red" undertone. 

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