The earth's crust and mantle consist of three different kinds of rock; igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. From these types of rock, gemstones are formed.

Most gemstones are mined from 1-25 miles below the earth’s surface, diamonds are much deeper. Their beauty is the result of intense pressure, heat, and water. 

Each necklace is created to be a statement piece of jewelry from gemstones because they symbolize the beauty of transformation and resilience; a reminder from nature that transformation can be an intense journey of surrendering to the process of allowing the debris that held it to be removed so it can emerge beautiful and valuable. 

Rhoda Design Group gemstone statement necklaces are inspired by breathtaking views of nature, their place of origin.

These unique designs feature Irregularly shaped unusual gemstones in bright colors from around the globe to celebrate the beauty in imperfection and cultural unity.

Great for casual to dressy styles!

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