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Neutral Wardrobe Makeup Kit

Neutral Wardrobe Makeup Kit

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The Neutral Wardrobe Makeup Kit is best suited for a "beige sophisticated" to a "brown reserved" (no obvious yellow or red) undertone. 

This color type has a reserved and sophisticated look. They look refined in quiet colors with a muted, grey undertone. They are balanced with smooth to medium textures and monochromatic color combinations.

If you have this skin undertone or wear the colors that are described above and featured in the drapes below, our neutral wardrobe makeup kit will add finishing touches to any outfit. 



Featured here are two before and after clients and additional clients representing the "beige sophisticated" and "brown reserved" undertones. They look refined in muted colors with beige, gray, or brown undertones.


Additional Beige to Brown Skintones

This Neutral makeup kit complements a wardrobe that primarily consists of these colors.


The Makeup Kit contains 30 full-size mineral-based products that are color-coordinated to provide elegant makeup for casual, business, and evening settings: 

10 versatile eyeshadows a few can be worn as brow color and dampened for eyeliner, 8 versatile blush colors a few can be worn as eyeshadows, 3 lip colors, 2 lipliners, 1 lipgloss, HD definition black mascara, 2 khol eye pencils, and 3 essential brushes.  TSA-approved for your travel convenience.TSA-approved for your travel convenience. 

The Rhoda Design Group makeup kits are designed by Rhoda Johnson. She has over 35 years of experience as a Hollywood-trained Image Consultant and Makeup Artist and over 20 years of experience as a Gemstone Jewelry Designer.  

Rhoda Design Group makeup kits are registered trademark U.S. Serial Number 86645932


"OMGoodness! This Kit has been a lifesaver in so many ways. Simple. Perfect pallet for work. The Best!" Nichelle R. Downing, MS, IT Project, CISA

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