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Mountain Peaks

Mountain Peaks

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Faceted aquamarine, apatite, kyanite triple-strand necklace with silver embellishments. This is a timeless style that elevates casual to dressy outfits. It is 22 inches long and can be worn twisted for a chunky effect. A photo of the Kyanite crystal is included to see the intricacies of this gemstone.

Aquamarine is named after the color of seawater. It is a pale-blue to light-green variety of the beryl mineral. It became a state gemstone for Colorado in 1971. The mountain peaks of Mount Antero and White Mountain in Colorado contain some of the finest quality gem aquamarine known. Colorado's geological symbols are red (rhodochrosite, the state mineral), white (yule marble, the state rock), and blue (aquamarine).

Aquamarine is found in Afghanistan, China, Kenya, Pakistan, Russia, Mozambique, the United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Malawi, India, Zimbabwe, Australia, Burma, and Namibia.  

Apatite is one of a few minerals produced and used by biological micro-environmental systems. Hydroxyapatite, also known as hydroxylapatite, is the major component of tooth enamel and bone mineral. Moon rocks collected by astronauts during the Apollo program contain traces of apatite.

Apatite is found in Burma, Brazil, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Norway, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. 

Kyanite is a silicate mineral that is formed during the regional metamorphism of clay-rich sediments. Kyanite is one of the most attractive blue minerals in nature, exhibiting intense shades of blue, or even multiple shades. I am fascinated by its luminescence as indicated in the crystal photo below. Kyanite is found in the United States, Brazil, and Kenya.

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