"Rhoda Johnson is a talented and intuitive Image Consultant. She guided me into the best colors in makeup and wardrobe for a dynamic image. Her Hollywood training comes through in the fresh understated way she styled my look for my "Unstoppable" Book cover photo shoot. Rhoda also brought her exquisite gemstone jewelry to accent my wardrobe changes and offered art direction for some of the poses. The experience made me feel like a movie star! 
I highly recommend Rhoda Johnson for Image Consulting and Personal Brand development." Rocio Perez, author of Amazon Best Seller "Unstoppable"


"I am beyond grateful for the blessings you bestowed upon me as I prepared for my TedxTalk: https://goo.gl/aDiLaU Your attention to detail and working to insure that I looked my absolute best was awe inspiring to watch and I don't have the words for what it felt like to be in the center of it all. Rhoda, it's really something to watch you work. Your joy and passion for what you do is so palpable. It's a gift to be the recipient of your gifts and talents. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for all you did to make my TedxTalk experience a monumental highlight of my life." Nadine Cornish Roberts, CSA, Author of "Tears In My Gumbo", Coach, Speaker, Consultant


"Looking effortlessly radiant on your wedding day is what most brides desire.  Rhoda Johnson made this dream a reality, providing stunning make-up application. Her vast experience, knowledgeable and expertise made feel confident and beautiful!  She listened to my vision for the wedding and then offered her unique approach in beauty tips that are valuable beyond the wedding day with her natural skincare, makeup line and color recommendations. 

I was consumed by stress leading up to the event, resulting in a bad breakout. In a panic I picked at my face in an attempt to smooth out its rough texture. My plan terribly backfired when I peeled off a layer of skin leaving me feeling exposed, ugly, and insecure. It was my worst fear realized. I’ve always dreamed of having good skin and dreaded walking down the aisle. Rhoda did not judge how I looked nor criticize me for making a poor decision. Rather, she was warm and loving, helping me to build excitement for the awaited ceremony.

Rhoda boosted my confidence by applying flawless make-up that camouflaged my irritated skin. To my relief everyone commented on how much they loved my make-up and how beautiful I looked, not realizing the insecurities that lied beneath the surface. Rhoda Johnson is remarkable, her established genius and problem-solving strategies allowed me to live out a dream." 

-- Salina Salazar-King

Rhoda is the most amazing stylist, makeup artist and jewelry designer I have ever known! She has literally transformed my look from head to toe on numerous occasions -- for signature community events, TV interviews and the marketing launch of my consulting business. If you want to look and feel beautiful, confident and stylish, I highly recommend that you embark on a life-changing journey with Rhoda Johnson as I have. Dr. Carolyn Ash, Managing Director of Ash Consulting Group


"I sought Rhoda out because I was running for political office and needed to really up my game and my appearance. These are such touchy subjects and nobody wants to hear that their look is dated or not good enough. Rhoda came to me with friendship and warmth and made me feel completely comfortable with exploring new techniques without having to throw out everything I had bought or done in the past. When she was done, I had a new look, new tools, and a confidence that I could continue to have a professional, well kept appearance on my own. I have stayed in touch with Rhoda and would recommend her to anyone who wants to take a fresh look at their appearance and how it can impact the rest of their lives."
Kathryn Wallace, Politician