You Are Your Brand Ambassador

You Are Your Brand Ambassador

Your favorite celebrity has been styled to represent their unique talent. Celebrities are a brand in and of themselves as are sports figures. 

They are consistent in their ‘wow’ presence. Why? They show up in alignment with their respective talents and the audience they want to attract. Some have a broad range of fans while others have a certain type of fans. 

My favorite celebrity that I have had the privilege of working with is Stevie Wonder. His iconic and legendary status is in his ability to serve humanity with his unique presence in his voice, music and style. Over the years, his image and music have evolved to resonate with the currents events. His signature gift and impact is in inviting us to grow into a better version of ourselves by opening our hearts to love.

I remember when I first met Stevie. He was at the piano taking a break filming a Kodak commercial. (Kodak used to be a leading camera). His down to earth vibe relaxed me right away and we talked as if we were friends. 

His distinctive bohemian style of dress that emerged in the 70’s, aligns with his earthy and soulful music, which is the authentic presence I felt. 

Style informs others of who we are and the unique gifts we offer. When we choose to be consistent in showing up aligned to our purpose we make a lasting impression and leave behind a legacy.  

You are your brand ambassador. What does your image say about you and your brand? Will you show up in a professional image that aligns with your brand in your virtual meetings to make a lasting impression so you can sustain and grow your business?

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Now is a great time to re-invent your image to project your brilliance and your brand for optimal confidence and credibility which results in more revenue for 2021.

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To Your Success,

Rhoda Johnson, Founder and Image Brand Strategist

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