"Rediscover Radiance: A Heartfelt Invitation to Embrace Your Beautiful Skin Journey at Any Age"

"Rediscover Radiance: A Heartfelt Invitation to Embrace Your Beautiful Skin Journey at Any Age"

Dryness, loss of firmness, and lack of radiance are some of the common issues that become more noticeable over time. Seeing these issues stare back at you can diminish your confidence and joy.

Improving the health of your skin is a daily self-care habit. The skin is the body's largest organ and reflects its mental, emotional, and physical health. Radiant skin is the result of a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to a daily regimen of products that work synergistically. Using products from various companies reduces the effectiveness and can irritate as they were not tested to work together. I learned this while working in California for several cosmetic manufacturers as a Cosmetic Account Executive.

My struggle with breakouts and irritation as a teen inspired my interest to enter the beauty industry as a career. Although I worked for prestigious beauty brands for over 35 years I still struggled with breakouts, irritation and sometimes lackluster skin. I noticed many of my clients had the same struggle. 

This led me to study neuroscience, psychology, and wellness practices to discover non-invasive solutions for a holistic approach to achieving naturally radiant skin. 

With my botanical skincare and holistic approach, I can nurture my client’s skin while encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Beautiful skin is achievable, it takes patience and self-care.

At 63 years young, my skin has never looked better and I feel good. 

Be Well, Be Beautiful,

Rhoda Johnson, Founder and Creative Visionary

Rhoda Design Group


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