The Value of Personal Brand

A polished personal brand is a reflection of self-awareness and self-worth.  When meeting someone in business for the first time, your personal brand is what they see first. If your outer presentation is congruent with your skillset you are perceived as authentic and credible.  80% of what we say about ourselves is done nonverbally in the details of grooming, style and body language. A genuine and refined style is developed with makeup and wardrobe guidance; valuable and necessary for all those who are reaching for higher goals.

We all know when we look good we feel good about ourselves and we project more confidence and vitality. A developed image ranges from casual to dressy, so daily you can get dressed quickly and be put together without being under or overdressed.  It is not something reserved for special occasions, it is part of everyday life. Wherever you go you are your personal brand and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Taking this to heart, I have met many of my clients while running errands.

As a Hollywood Makeup Artist and Image Consultant, I can tell you first hand that for actors and actresses, makeup and wardrobe are key components in making their character “believable” to them as well as their audience.

These photos illustrate that image is important even in our homes. If given a choice we would all choose the well-manicured lawn over the neglected lawn because beautiful aesthetics are more appealing, give us joy and reflect care.

It Pays to Be Beautiful; studies show women who wear appropriate makeup and fashion earn 20-30% more. We are passionate about your success! Join us at “It Pays To Be Beautiful” Workshop:

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