The Power of Green Tea

The Power of Green Tea

Ultraviolet light, pollution, smoke and chemicals generate free radicals that attack your skin cells, causing deterioration and premature aging. Inflammation is a big contributor to premature aging. It is caused from hormones, certain foods, excessive alcohol, stress, lack of rest and lack of exercise. Rosacea is a common type of skin inflammation as well as puffiness.

Green tea has been proven to fight free radical damage and inflammation as well as turmeric.

Because inflammation is a concern for many women especially over 40, we offer a botanical skin care regimen that contains green tea and other anti-inflammatory nutrients to also provides soothing and anti-oxidant benefits. 

The Rhoda Design Group approach to achieve healthy skin is based on scientific evidence that nutrition, exercise, and stress management makeup 80%, with nutrition being the biggest contributor.

Rhoda Design Group skincare is a blend of botanicals and science that gently nourishes, balances, and protects the skin for a radiant glow. Our skincare’s effectiveness is achieved when our products are used as a daily regimen as they work synergistically along with a wellness-based lifestyle.

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