Personal Branding to Show up the Best Version of Yourself

Personal Branding to Show up the Best Version of Yourself

Social settings and business presentations are intimidating for many women because they fear how others will perceive them. The details involved in “packaging” the personality and skill set for women are extensive! It encompasses the nuances of grooming, beauty, wardrobe and accessories.

Getting it right is challenging because the beauty and fashion industries focus on glamour and promote runway and celebrity styles. These sources of trends usually do not translate well in social and business environments. Social media is a huge resource promoting a wide variety of looks. These are beautiful but not personalized to non-verbally communicate your unique person. For women who don’t have the luxury of time in viewing magazines and social media, what is on sale may determine how they look.

Here is a client example of how our personal brand services can elevate your professional presence for business casual. 


Did you know 93% of what you say about yourself is done non-verbally? It is not just first impressions that are important, but all of the other times as well. For example, if the way you show up for the first time is very different the second time and so on, people struggle to know who you really are and if they can trust you. Arriving overdressed and wearing too much makeup communicates insecurity.  Showing up underdressed and with no makeup indicates a lack of respect for the setting and oneself, similar to an unshaved man. 

A consistent polished personal brand is not only necessary for confidence but also for credibility. It communicates integrity, work ethic, self-respect and happiness for life. Investing in Image Consulting is a real game changer!  It simplifies makeup and getting dressed to assure that in any setting, whether social or professional you are appropriately put together.

Rhoda Design Group is dedicated to offering personal brand solutions that result in an authentic style for successful outcomes. Studies show women who have a polished image earn 20-30% more. Our clients are experiencing access to new opportunities. What could be possible for you if you developed your personal brand? 

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Be Well, Be Beautiful,

Rhoda Johnson

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