"Pink Moment"

"Pink Moment"

Years ago when I lived and worked in Southern California I discovered the most breathtaking sunset in Ojai, California. It’s beauty and vibration made me cry from the depths of my being, like a cleansing had occurred.

I asked about this magnificent sunset and discovered it is called “Pink Moment”: “The mysterious alpenglow – an optical phenomenon that materializes as a horizontal glow just after sundown – graces the eastern walls of the Ojai valley. The native Chumash, whose word for “moon” gave the town its name (you pronounce it “Oh-hi”), felt the pull of what they believed was the valley’s mystic energy, later quantified into a pseudo-scientific theory about a mysterious electromagnetic vortex generated by plate tectonics,” as explained by the local newspaper Telegraph.

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This experience stayed with me and has become my “meditative getaway” where I re-fuel with love, peace and joy. As an artist, pink makes my heart smile. It smells like a fresh peony and sounds like a gentle wave caressing the shore. Pink feels like a meaningful hug and a soft kiss. It’s the dance and song of birds ushering in a new day at dawn.

I have created a “Pink Moment” gemstone jewelry collection to share this experience with you. I hope it inspires love, joy and peace in your heart too.

Pink moment collection

May you experience lots of “Pink Moments” this Holiday Season and beyond.

With Love,

Rhoda Johnson                                                      

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