Makeup for Various Business Settings to Elevate Leadership Presence

Makeup for Various Business Settings to Elevate Leadership Presence

Did you know that makeup is an essential accessory that adds polish to any outfit and helps to elevate your professional presence? 

It has been my observation working in the beauty industry for 40 years that so many women wear the same makeup style for every outfit and setting. 

Makeup for business ranges from business casual to business suit and business evening settings. For these settings the makeup colors and techniques change to complement the wardrobe styles.

In business casual meetings an understated makeup look complements the casual outfit and setting. 

In virtual meetings the focus is on the face and applying the appropriate makeup colors and techniques eliminates the visual distractions of redness, dark shadows and imperfections so your message is heard. Virtual meetings can range from business casual to a high level webinar presentation. 

High level meetings require a business suit and defined makeup to project leadership presence. 

For speaking engagements, makeup is more defined to bring out the features from the stage and to project well from a distance on cameras. 

Evening galas require a cocktail dress, evening gown or business evening suit. The makeup style to complement these outfits is elegant and sophisticated.

Groomed and shaped brows are necessary for all these settings as they are the frame for the eyes and help hold attention there. 

When the makeup colors harmonize with you it results in a makeup style that enhances your features with vitality and camouflages the distracting skin imperfections. This results in increased confidence and credibility.


Here is an example of our client, Salina King for a business evening makeup style


Our career clients inspired the creation of the Rhoda Design Group Makeup Kits to accommodate their busy schedules with a complete “makeup wardrobe”. 

Here's what some of our clients are saying

"I LOVE my kit and it makes preparing for the day a breeze." Janice B. Taylor, Broker Associate, City Park Realty

"OMGoodness! The Rhoda Design Group Makeup Kit has been a life saver in so many ways. Simple. Perfect pallet for work. The Best!" Nichelle R. Downing, MS, IT Project, CISA

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