Gemstones Rock With Wellness and Style!

Gemstones Rock With Wellness and Style!

As a child, I was fascinated by rocks because they drew me into noticing the beauty of nature. In collecting them I became delighted in their various shapes, colors, and sizes; but especially the way they seemed to come to life in the sun!

While pursuing my BA in Fashion Merchandising at Brooks College in Southern California I discovered my first gemstone, Lapis Lazuli. The rich blue color with gold pyrite amazed me!

Gemstones connect to royalty, ancient civilizations, are mentioned in the Bible and are timeless in the beauty and meaning they give to our lives. Egyptians incorporated Lapis Lazuli as a consistent part of their elaborate tombstone decoration. The Egyptian women would even crush this exquisite gemstone and use it as eyeshadow!

Twenty years ago, gemstones “called to me” during one of the most difficult times in my life. They helped me to get present to the wonderful gifts in nature and discover the wellness modalities of nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, conscious breathing, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage. It was then that I started designing gemstone jewelry and wearing it exclusively. I especially appreciate wearing my jewelry on days when the weather does not invite me to take a walk in nature; how I love my gratitude walks!

My design process starts with selecting the gemstones that “speak” to me in that particular moment as a warm vibration in my hand. From there the artistic talent as a child art prodigy, along with the extensive education and experience in the beauty and fashion industry (40 years) meet with what my heart longs to express. As I sit down at my design table with all materials nearby I must first forgive so the design will happen. It is an intimate place with my Creator, surrendering all that is not love.


Each of my gemstone jewelry designs is a journey of the heart and spirit. They are affectionately named to express what inspired me or what I experienced during the design process. My hope is that my artistic passion and gemstone healing vibration is felt by those who buy and wear my designs.

Featured here is my necklace design created with Amber and Sandelwood. I named it “Sunset” because it illustrates the intense, fiery glow of many Colorado sunsets that take my breath away!

I invite you to discover the empowered feeling of wearing one of my one-of-a-kind gemstone necklaces

Discover this wonderful gift of nature!


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