Gemstones Inspire Self-Awareness

Gemstones Inspire Self-Awareness

Connecting to nature promotes a greater sense of wellness. The vibration of trees, grass, birds, sun and air have a rhythm that resonates with our body’s natural rhythm. This resonance is what we feel when we are in nature, which makes us feel relaxed.

Color plays a huge part in how we feel. Various light waves vibrate at different frequencies to manifest our experience of color. Color and gemstones are used to elevate the energy vibration of environments and our bodies creating what is known as aura. Gemstones also provide the aura of the earth as they are at the core of our planet and protect the earth’s magnetic field. Being present to this connects us to the rhythms of aura in all life forms for a grounded self-awareness that results in beauty, joy and peace.

Rhoda Design Group is passionate about color analysis and gemstone jewelry designs as a part of Personal Brand Development because authentic beauty radiates from within.


Featured here is Dr. Carolyn Ash in Rhoda Design Group Makeup, Styling and Gemstone jewelry.

Be Well, Be Beautiful,

Rhoda Johnson

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