"Dancing In The Light" Fashion and Beauty inspired by wellness

"Dancing In The Light" Fashion and Beauty inspired by wellness

Various light waves vibrate at different frequencies to manifest our experience of color. Color and gemstones are used to elevate the energy vibration of environments and self expression creating what is known as aura. Gemstones also provide the aura of the earth as they are at the core of our planet and protect the earth’s magnetic field. Being present to this connects us to the rhythms of aura in all life forms. 

Studies have shown that the purest aura is that of a butterfly. A bright yellow butterfly arrested my scattered thoughts to be present as the sun cascaded though the hovering tree. This butterfly captivated me as it choose only to dance in the light; it’s catepillar nature had exhausted it’s desire for shadows.

Connecting with nature and others without judgment is pure and promotes a greater sense of wellness. Volunteering is a form of wellness as it provides many health benefits; authentic connection, joy and fulfillment, lower blood pressure, diminshed depression, increased compassion, and more vitality. Join me in volunteering as a way of life, as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s , Nelson Mandela’s  and Micheal Jackson contributions to mankind during Black History Month.

All of the wellness modalities inspire my passion to design! Gemstones are my medium of expression because they illustrate beauty in the imperfect. They  radiate unique and varying positive energy vibrations due to their mineral composition. 

It is my creative intention to combine gemstones from global regions to inspire unity, respect for nature and a lifestyle of wellness.

With Love, 

Rhoda Johnson


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