Beauty brings Joy!

Beauty brings Joy!

As a child I spent hours collecting rocks or painting. Nature and color remind me that life is beautiful. It humbles me that God has led me to find gemstones so I can combine my love of nature and color.

My brother, Robert (rip), was a brilliant neuroscientist. His affinity for science and the way it positively impacts our lives led me to discover the healing component of gemstones and colors. The energy of these is complex beyond what I can explain here, but gemstones and color play an important role in our wellbeing. Discovering this excites me!  I find my greatest joy in helping others feel better, something my mother who is a retired nurse and my father who served tirelessly as a pastor instilled in me.

It is my hope that you will experience the “art of beauty” by wearing often a one-of-a-kind Rhoda Design Group jewelry designs.


Be Well, Be Beautiful,

Rhoda Johnson

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