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Azure Panache

Azure Panache

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Turquoise, amazonite, chrysocolla with silver embellishments necklace. It is versatile for casual to dressy styles. 

Turquoise is an opaque mineral that has been highly valued for thousands of years by Egyptians, Asians, and Native Americans. 

 Turquoise is sacred to Native American cultures. It is symbolic of protection, wisdom, and enduring love.

Turquoise is found in the southwest of the United States. It is becoming a rare gemstone due to over-mining, rarer than diamonds. 

 Amazonite is a rare Microcline mineral formed from igneous rock and is part of the triclinic crystal system. Its color ranges from pale green and green-blue to deep blue and turquoise and has been highly regarded for centuries for its aesthetic beauty. 

Amazonite is named after the world-famous Amazon river because its color mimics this serene river.

Amazonite is found in Brazil, Colorado, Virginia, Australia, and Madagascar 

 Chrysocolla is a blue-green gemstone with a high copper content. It is opaque in transparency with a vitreous to dull luster ranging from light green to deep blue and is often found in association with Malachite and Azurite. Chrysocolla can be found wherever large copper deposits occur, such as in Africa, Mexico, and the U.S. state of Arizona (where it is called Apache Chrysocolla).

 This unique design is a perfect complement to casual and business styles.  

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