Personal Brand/Professional Image Development

"93% of communication is non-verbal," according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages. Public Speaking, Networking, High Level Meetings and Video Presentations intensify your non-verbal communication.

It is imperative to align all the details of your professional image with your brand message to be more confident and credible for increased impact with your strategic partners, clients and social media. 

Rhoda Design Group offers Virtual and In-Person Professional Image Development Services to help you elevate your business presence. Our clients are experiencing access to new opportunities and increased revenue from implementing our Image Strategies.   

Our unique approach is to personalize your experience and guide you with compassion to elevate your executive presence. Schedule your free 30-minute Image Discovery Session to learn how our Signature Image Services will benefit you. SCHEDULE NOW 

Women's Visual Presence and Style Essentials Package: $1800                      Personalized Image Strategy, Advanced Grooming, Self Care Practices, Color Analysis, Skincare Consultation and Personalized Makeup Lesson, Wardrobe Recommendations.

The Rhoda Design Group Makeup Kits are specifically designed for professional women and recommended to purchase prior to the virtual personalized makeup session for optimal results. 

Raise Your Style Vibration Package (for returning clients): $1000                      Closet editing and organization for time efficiency in getting dressed for all occasions and to identify shopping needs.            

Annual Style and Maintenance Package: $1200                                                Beauty and wardrobe refresh for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter with seasonal shopping. 

Men's Virtual Image Consulting Package: $1600                    Personalized Image Strategy, Self Care Practices, Advanced Grooming, Color Analysis, Wardrobe Recommendations.

Raise Your Style Vibration Package (for returning clients): $1000                    Closet editing and organization for time efficiency in getting dressed for all occasions and to identify shopping needs.  

Annual Style and Maintenance Package: $1200                                              Advanced grooming and wardrobe refresh for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter with seasonal shopping. 


Our Refund Policy is once the services are rendered a refund will not be given.                          


"The Rhoda Design Group (RDG) consistently provides a quality experience. Rhoda Johnson is engaging, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and FUN! Rhoda has been visible in the community and providing value added services for decades Rhoda Design Group delivers and has thought of everything to elevate you to the next level and beyond RDG is a full service, one stop operation As a new full-time entrepreneur, Rhoda has provided tools and guidance that have helped me gain the confidence to SOAR, focusing on my business and not on myself.  


I started with a makeup lesson where I was introduced to RDG’s unique makeup kit. These kits contain 30 products (blush, eye shadow, lipsticks, lip/eye pencils, makeup tools) color coordinated for all skin tones. The kit is compact, nicely packaged and TSA approved. I LOVE my kit and it makes preparing for the day a breeze.  

Next, I had the color analysis service that opened up the possibilities and affect such attention to my wardrobe provides. The results and reaction have been amazing.  

Rhoda’s branding and professional image development counseling led me to take a leap of faith and update my headshots for my business. My previous color analysis with RDG influenced the colors I chose for the 3 different wardrobe changes for the photoshoot and the makeup selections for each. Rhoda was able to suggest statement necklaces from her beautiful and unique gemstone jewelry products. Two of those necklaces were so perfect for my wardrobe selections that I purchased them. Additionally, she accompanied me to the shoot to do my makeup for each shot. I am thrilled with the results. 

Rhoda takes a genuine interest in her clients that is heartfelt. I am forever grateful to RDG and better because of this connection."

Janice F Taylor 
Broker Associate, City Park Realty

"Once you work with Rhoda, you own your beauty and power like never before. Working with Rhoda in 2014 changed my life, professionally and personally, and I’ve never looked back. I owe her so much. Every time, I want to reassess my personal and professional brand, I start by meeting with Rhoda. If you are looking for someone like Rhoda at this point in your life and career, I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you, Rhoda, for what you do for others — and just thank you for being light and love in this world!"  Dr. Carolyn Ash, Educator 

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