Stunning Fall Color!

Stunning Fall Color!

“The color palette for fall/winter 2020 highlights our desire for versatile, timeless color,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

“Radiant orange hues were seen paired with everything from blue denim to brown leather, exuding a sense of confidence, creativity, and happiness.” 

Color is a source of joy for me as a creative! I love playing with it as a makeup artist, jewelry designer and Image Consultant when providing the Color Analysis service. In all three of these mediums I use color to enhance the complexion of my client so she or he feels and looks more radiant and friendly.

I especially like how it projects confidence and credibility for my clients and myself. For introverts, wearing color pulls them out from hiding and into expressing their joy. It also attracts others to them to create connection.

Color connects us to light, because it is light vibrating at various speeds. Just like the sun, it makes us feel happy and more alive. I believe especially now we all need to experience this everyday. It may seem odd to put on a pop of color in makeup, jewelry and clothing for virtual meetings, but it elevates our mood as well as the connection.

“Studies show women who wear appropriate business makeup earn 20-30% more.” I designed the Rhoda Design Group Makeup kits to offer color coordinated palettes that are TSA approved for busy professional women so they show up in understated makeup that enhances them. Let us help you discover your best colors to elevate your business presence.

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We are dedicated to empowering you with wellness based image strategies.

To Your Success,

Rhoda Johnson

Creative Visionary/Image Brand Strategist, Rhoda Design Group

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