"Makeup Toxicity Report"

"Makeup Toxicity Report"


By Star-Ledger Editorial Board and Rhoda Johnson

“Most people who buy makeup – including the glittery stuff marketed to kids – assume that it’s safe and regulated by the government.

Far from it. Believe it or not, there is virtually no regulation of cosmetics in this country. Our government doesn’t even have the power to mandate a recall. Your daughter may be painting her face with poison right now.

Asbestos was recently found in tween makeup kits sold at mall meccas like Claire’s. And in 2014, just three uses of a hair conditioner marketed as extra gentle by celebrities like Brooke Shields made a 9-year-old girl go bald.

The almond mint and lavender-scented Wen hair care line was the subject of tens of thousands of complaints before the Food and Drug Administration found out about it. But it’s still being sold, because the FDA – the agency that oversees cosmetics – doesn’t have the power to force it off the shelves.

In the meantime, our government can force a recall of hummus for listeria, but not the stuff we smear on our lips or rub into our faces. Currently, the FDA can take action only if it can prove a cosmetics product was mislabeled or contaminated; not if it’s dangerous but hasn’t violated the law.
And cosmetics companies aren’t required to tell the FDA about “adverse” effects; not even a fatality. The government relies on customers to come forward with complaints, which is what happened with Claire’s.
As more cosmetics are imported from overseas, the FDA’s ability to monitor them is even more limited.  Of the 2.9 million products imported, the FDA can inspect less than 1 percent. About 15 percent of those inspected have been mislabeled, or contain potential or known toxic ingredients like mercury.”
before and after toxicity photo
As a Hollywood trained Makeup Artist with over 35 years experience in the Beauty Industry, I experienced makeup toxicity and this is just one of the photos that show the effects of swollen eyes, bruising, redness and irritation.
Because of this experience and that studies show women who wear appropriate makeup for business earn 20-30% more, I created botanical based makeup and skincare.
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Rhoda Johnson


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