Aya Foundation highlight of Rhoda Design Group

Aya Foundation highlight of Rhoda Design Group

Rhoda Johnson was inspired as a teen by the African American women at her church in Colorado who radiated style and served their community with excellence. This led her to pursue her fashion degree, study under a Hollywood Makeup Artist, and obtain her Image Consulting License in Los Angeles. Her education and refined personal style gave her access to work with celebrities like Stevie Wonder and appeared on the Jeffersons, Facts of Life, and Different Strokes.

She started her business, Rhoda Design Group in LA as a single mom to empower professional women to elevate their image so they too, would have access to high-level opportunities and to leave a legacy to her daughter Chloe.

Rhoda moved back to Colorado with her business and continued to refine it while working as the first black makeup artist in Cherry Creek, Park Meadows, and Aspen.

Her career clients inspired her to create and trademark Makeup Wardrobe Kits to guide busy women into appropriate makeup looks for business and social settings. Johnson’s advice to women is to show up consistently with a polished image. She encourages women to practice self-care as a daily practice, and she emphasizes how looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.

Rhoda is committed to supporting several non-profits in the community. Black women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the U.S., but they face disproportionate financial headwinds, according to J.P. Morgan Wealth Management. Lack of access to capital for Black women is real. Consider this: • 61% of Black women self-fund their startup capital; even though just 29% of them live in households with incomes over $75,000 (Harvard Business Review, Black Women Are More Likely to Start a Business than White Men). • Only 2% of venture capital funding goes to U.S. female-only founder teams. (Pitchbook, "The US VC Female Founders Dashboard).

So, when you read a success story like Rhoda's, know that it was NOT easy to get where she is, or achieve her success. She is beating the odds! Our community is tremendously proud of Rhoda, and her business, Rhoda Design Group. In celebration of #womenshistorymonth we are thrilled to celebrate this business and community-minded entrepreneur. Supporting Black-owned businesses looks something like this: 1) patronage (buy our services and products) 2) procurement (support us with contracts) 3) make a donation to AYA Foundation entrepreneurship programs.

To learn more and shop visit:  Rhoda Design Group. To stay connected, follow her on social media. On Instagram @rhodadesigngroup. On LinkedIn @RhodaPJohnson

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